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Special guns with roger rule

Roger Rule is a recognized authority of collectible high-grade guns, both rifles and shotguns. He is mostly known for his book, The Rifleman’s Rifle, a tome for collectors covering Winchester’s pre-1964 Model 70. That book was first released in 1982 and is today available in soft cover in its 3rd edition.

While researching the company of Winchester, Mr. Rule uncovered much information on the life of Sarah Pardee Winchester, the daughter-in-law of the founder of Winchester Repeating Arms Co., and the heiress to the Winchester fortune in the 19th Century. Sarah Winchester then became the subject of Mr. Rule’s first novel, entitled Sarah, which is available in three formats, via links in this website.

Today, the author has developed his YouTube channel and is featuring a special series of episodes, releasing one every Friday, entitled “Special Guns with Roger Rule” with specific subtitles for each episode. A list of the episodes is available here in the page,Episodes

Regarding his interest and expertise in guns, Mr. Rule has been featured on television, the Outdoor Channel, the show The GunFather, and has been a guest speaker at the National Rifle Association’s annual conference. Also, he has been the subject of many magazine articles regarding guns since the release of his first book