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YouTube episodes

Special Guns with Roger Rule, a new series of videos on YouTube with weekly

episodes downloading every Friday, starting December 9th.  Episodes will include

Episodes Titles

1 Winchester Pre-64 Model 70 Rifle – basic information, comparing two rifles.

2 Rigby Light Deluxe Magazine Rifle –

3 Heym New Express Rifle 416 Rigby – a proprietary German magnum action

4 Chapuis Safari Express Double Rifle – 470NE

5 Franz Sodia Drilling 12x12x308Win

6 W&C Scott & Son Hammer sxs Shotgun

7 Arrizabalaga Sidelock Ejector sxs Shotgun – Purdey style engraving

8 Rigby Chatsworth sxs Shotgun

9 Daniel Fraser Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifle – 6.5×57

10 Franz Sodia Hand Detachable Sidelock o/u Shotgun

11 John Wilkes Special Series Sidelock o/u Shotgun – a Boss type o/u

12 Westley Richards Deluxe Detachable Lock (droplock) Ejector sxs Shotgun

13 Holland & Holland Modele De Luxe Takedown Rifle – 375 H&H Mag

14 Browning Superposed Diana o/u Shotgun

15 Beretta SO5 EELL Sidelock o/u Shotgun

16 Perazzi MX-8 SC-3 o/u Shotgun

17 Sako Deluxe Forester and Sako Finnwolf – 243Win

…with more to come.

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